Yes, We’re Back!

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After a bit of a hiatus we are back up and running again!

Our agenda remains the same. We will be delivering our readers with information on the city of Hong Kong, it’s culture, Businesses, trends, opportunities, etc. Since, most of our articles from the past has been lost, we will begin by covering some of the basics like an ‘intro’ to Hong Kong. Then we’ll move onto the meatier stuff like how to set up and grow your business over here.

During our hiatus, I received quite a few emails asking me why I was taking a break from Well, to put it simply, it was to focus on my new business venture. Now that my business is somewhat stable, I decided to restart this website in hopes of helping anyone that is trying to start their own business.

This website is not a means to promote my personal business in any way, so, I won’t be mentioning or putting links to my business here. I’m hoping I’m doing my job well enough that the people interested in my business will come across it on their own and me not having to shove it in your faces 🙂

Instead, I want this website’s focus to be on what matters to business owners and people desiring to set up their own business here in Hong Kong.

If there is anything you would like for us to review or cover in particular; please don’t be shy and let us know!

Looking forward to our new journey!


Update: We’ve added many posts since our re-launch including some interesting insights on how to register your business, what to do after you set up your business, and how to advertise your business, etc.