Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in HK

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In our previous post, I covered some of the major online and offline marketing methods. In this particular article, I will focus on one of our favorite marketing methods which got us excellent results: SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I have mentioned over and over that no matter how good your products, services, and website are, it is meaningless without it being noticed. This is where SEO comes in.

PC & Search Engine Optimization

What exactly is SEO?

SEO is a process to get free traffic to your website through search engines. To put it in easy terms, it’s to rank your website as high as possible on the first page of the search results for specific keywords used when searching. For example, if I’m looking for a physiotherapist in Hong Kong, I might enter: “physiotherapist hong kong” into Google. Google will then return something like the picture below:

Google Hong Kong - Physiotherapy ResultsThe top spot is occupied by an Advertisement (PPC) and a map with 3 business listings are right below that. After the map listings, you will see the 10 “organic” non-advertisement results which are not paid results. Personally, these are the only results I usually look at. At the very bottom, you will also often find a few Ad results (usually 1 to 4).

By getting your SEO right, you will show up at the top of the organic results. If this is a little confusing for you, do not worry. I had no idea what all this was before starting my own business and hiring an SEO company ( to do the hard part for me. Here is the SEO agency’s facebook page for your review. I highly recommend checking it out once in a while as they update their content regularly with interesting articles regarding marketing.


Do I need SEO?

Does your business need to make money? No, but the point of having a business is to make money. SEO is not a requirement but I can tell you first hand that this will help your business. In the beginning phases of my business, most of my customers came from people I knew, referrals (word of mouth), outbound sales calls, and setting up events. Since I started on my own without staff, this was a lot of work for one person to handle. I was reading online and it seemed like SEO and PPC (pay per click ads) was the way to go. From there, I started studying SEO with the hope of doing this for my own business’ website. I found out very soon that SEO is a lot more complicated and time-consuming that I initially thought; therefore, decided to hire a company to do it for me. Looking back at it, I am confident that this was the right choice. The price was by no means cheap, but we were able to get a very good return. The best part is that my website is now working around the clock to get me leads from people who are looking for products that I offer. By having my website within the top 3 results for my target keyword at all times generates a lot of traffic to my website. Of that traffic, a healthy share either gives us a call or sends us a message and we manage to close a pretty big percentage of the deals.

In a nutshell, we went from zero leads coming through our website to hundreds!


Here is a video that gives you an idea of just how important SEO can be:


Does this work for Hong Kong?

As far as I am told, SEO works everywhere, so, Yes!

From my research, most companies offer a free report or audit so if you are interested in SEO services to help you with your website’s rankings, I would recommend you request for an analysis and quote.

Thankfully, I have only had to use one agency and what I can say from this experience is that the connection you have with the staff at the company is very important. I spoke to three companies before making a choice but the agency I decided to go with wasn’t the cheapest out of the 3. It was right in the middle but I got along with the CEO very well which made me comfortable to put my website in his hands. The process was also very transparent so I highly recommend talking to a few companies and choosing who you feel you can trust and get along with. Google also has a few tips on choosing an SEO agency. Good luck!

In our next post, we plan on covering PPC in more detail.